Real estate is more complex than ever. From rising rents to low vacancy rates in major markets, it’s more important than ever that tenants have a trusted advisor by their side to ensure they are maximizing real estate savings and staying in control of their real estate negotiations. The Interstate Tenant Team is proud to offer a suite of services for any scenario a tenant may find themselves in. From lease negotiations, to site selection, economic incentives and beyond, the Interstate Tenant Team has the expertise and experience to serve you.

service offerings

Site Selection | Lease Restructuring | Tax & Economics Incentives | Lease Portfolio Management

Facility Disposition | Sale Leaseback

New site selection

Selecting a new site can be challenging. It is important to find a location that not only offers the lowest real estate cost (rent, taxes, incentives and landlord concessions), but also provides additional cost efficiencies. We consider factors such as: distance to customers, prevailing wages, availability of labor, unions, growth trends, transportation access for workers and for products, and more. This in-depth analysis allows our clients make the choice that is best for them.

location & logistics studies

Selecting the right location can save your company millions of dollars in real estate, labor, transportation and operating costs.

By incorporating census, demographic and other data information sources, Interstate Tenant’s customized modeling systems will pinpoint the ideal location for your distribution or manufacturing facility. Our analysis will consider all factors that are important to your business.

additional tenant-occupier services

We have a strong network of skilled professionals whose specialties complement our services and expand our ability to help our clients reduce their fixed cost structure.


Our clients generally fall into three categories:

  1. Uninterested in relocating

  2. Might be interested in relocating for the right space or

  3. Absolutely want to relocate

Whatever the case may be for your business, our team provides viable options for success. So whether you are outgrowing your current facilities, consolidating locations, searching for a modernized space with more amenities, or renewing for an extended term our expertise facilitates a smooth transition.

tax & economic incentives

When it comes to saving, there are more options than simply reducing your rent! Towns, cities, and even the state itself will often provide substantial concessions to attract new operations or retain current tenants.

Incentives in the form of tax abatement, wage assessment credits, utility cost relief, and job training dollars can be negotiated in conjunction with the real estate; when effectively integrated into a comprehensive strategy these can generate millions of dollars in savings.

A variety of options exist, but require negotiation and interaction with government agencies. This can be laborious and time consuming, but is part of our expertise.

We take care of the heavy lifting, which saves you time and money by integrating the following processes into our comprehensive real estate cost saving strategy:

  • Incentive Application & Documentation

  • Incentive Negotiations

  • Financial Analysis and Impact Studies

Lease portfolio management

Our program helps you to organize, understand, and upgrade your entire portfolio of leases to maximize your savings.

If you have leased industrial facilities across North America, often there will be a number of different expiration dates, landlords, and lease terms. Additionally, there are many different stakeholders interested and involved in real estate decision-making.

  • How do you understand and organize this mountain of information?

  • How do you get proactive and make sure you’re not missing potential savings?

  • How do you build consensus and accountability?

Our Lease Portfolio Management program is the answer. Contact us for more information, for client references, or to schedule a demonstration of our Lease Portfolio Management system.

facility disposition


We’ll take care of it for you. Our commitment to save you money does not end with a lease negotiation on new or existing space. We can sublease, dispose of, or negotiate a lease cancellation of excess properties in any market in North America.

Our national partner footprint provides you expertise on each assignment to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

By coordinating and executing building sales, subleases and lease buyouts, we have helped our clients quickly and cost-effectively dispose of shuttered, obsolete or redundant facilities in markets across North America. Contact us for more information about how we can help you dispose of excess space that is costing you money.


When it’s more practical to lease than own, we’ve got you covered. Simply put, a sale-leaseback is the process/act of selling your building to a professional landlord and then leasing it back from said landlord.

Some benefits of Sale-Leaseback include:

  • Raising/redeploying capital to pay down debts or invest in core business,

  • Avoiding disruption of your day-to-day operations,

  • Increased flexibility with new FASB regulations,

  • Improving debt-to-equity ratios, and

  • Improving operating flexibility to allow for easier expansion or contraction.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you monetize your real estate assets and redeploy capital to grow your business.