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As North America’s leading industrial tenant advisory firm since 2003, the question we often get is “How do we achieve such great results for our clients?” The answer is simple…we have no conflict of interest. Unlike the mega-firms that represent buyers, developers, landlords, and (oh by the way) tenants, we only represent you – never a landlord. We are in your corner exclusively and do not owe anything to the real estate establishment of owners and sellers. We guarantee our clients a conflict-free, completely transparent lease negotiation.


Most importantly you don’t pay us a dime. Our fee is paid directly by your landlord only after your new lease is signed. Our unique approach in the market saved our clients over $10 Million in occupancy costs last year alone.



At Interstate Tenant, we have a different mindset from your landlord. Your landlord thinks, “Rents need to be increased. I’m entitled to it.” Our mindset is “You’re a great tenant and deserve to pay less.” Allowing us to handle the negotiation helps level the playing field and allows our clients to stay friendly with the landlord – which they should.


We don’t play good cop/bad cop. Quite simply, it’s a matter of education and economics. We enlighten landlords so they don’t make the mistake and risk losing you as a tenant. Your lease is what makes the owner’s property valuable. You provide the cash flow your landlord needs to have a solid investment. Without you, the bankers would be knocking on your landlord’s door. To accomplish these goals, we adhere to the following process:

How Do We Do it


We provide a full range of integrated services to help our clients reduce fixed costs and improve profitability.

Regardless of your situation, we can help.


You might be outgrowing your facilities. You might be consolidating separate locations under one roof.


You might just be sick and tired of the configuration and condition of your aging current facilities and convinced that you’ll be more profitable in a more suitable space.


Whatever your case, we can help you solve the problem. We will create a negotiating environment in which market landlords must compete for your tenancy, ultimately delivering the lowest-cost, most tenant-favorable lease.

The right location can save your company millions.


We can find it for you. Typically our clients fall into one of three categories. They:


  1. Definitely want to move
  2. Definitely don’t want to move, or
  3. Want the best economic and operational solution, whether or not they move.


The challenge is to identify a location that not only has the lowest real estate cost (rent, taxes, incentives and landlord concessions) but also offers cost efficiencies in other ways. We consider factors such as: distance to customers, prevailing wages, availability of labor, unions, growth trends, transportation access for workers and for products, and many others. We’ll find the options and we’ll help you make the best choice.

The right location can save your company millions of dollars in real estate, labor, transportation and operating costs.


The challenge is identifying a location that not only has the lowest real estate costs (rent, taxes, incentives and landlord concessions) but also offers cost efficiencies in other factors that affect your business. After all, it is ineffective if you have low rent but you cannot hire good employees or are too far away from your customers.


By incorporating census, demographic and other data information sources, Interstate Tenant’s customized modeling systems will pinpoint the ideal location for your distribution or manufacturing facility. Our analysis will consider all factors that are important to your business. Some of the data sets that we can consider include:


  • Prevailing wages
  • Availability of labor
  • Availability of specific skilled labor
  • Unemployment rates/ abundance of labor
  • Prevalence of non-union labor
  • Non-existence of undesirable unions
  • Population growth trends
  • Access to public transportation
  • Average utility costs
  • Proximity to major highways, airports, and seaports
  • Proximity to Class 1 railroads, intermodal terminals, and LTL terminals
  • Proximity to customers
  • Proximity to vendors
  • Proximity to FedEx/ UPS hubs
Saving money goes far beyond simply reducing your rent.


Companies like yours are critical generators of jobs and tax revenue. States and municipalities recognize this and are often willing to provide large concessions to attract or retain your operations. Economic incentives in the form of tax relief, utility cost relief, and job training dollars can be negotiated in conjunction with the real estate, and when effectively integrated into a comprehensive strategy can generate millions of dollars in savings.


Navigating the process and dealing with governmental agencies can be cumbersome and time consuming. We will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business by integrating the following processes into our comprehensive real estate cost saving strategy:


  • Incentive Application & Documentation
  • Incentive Negotiations
  • Financial Analysis and Impact Studies
Let us help you organize, understand and upgrade your entire portfolio of leases to maximize your savings.


If you have many leased industrial facilities all over the continent then, most likely, you are dealing with a number different expiration dates, landlords and lease terms. There are also many different stakeholders interested and involved in real estate decision-making.


  • How do you understand and organize this mountain of information?
  • How do you get proactive and make sure you’re not missing potential savings?
  • How do you build consensus and accountability?


Our Lease Portfolio Management program is the answer. Contact us for more information, for client references, or to schedule a demonstration of our Lease Portfolio Management system.

Stuck with an existing facility that is no longer cost-effective?


We’ll take care of it for you. Our commitment to save you money does not end with a lease negotiation on new or existing space. We can, and will, sublease, dispose of, or negotiate a lease cancellation of any excess properties in any market in North America.

Our national partner footprint provides you expertise on each assignment to provide timely, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.


By coordinating and executing building sales, subleases and lease buyouts, we have helped our clients quickly and cost-effectively dispose of shuttered, obsolete or redundant facilities in markets across North America. Contact us for more information about how we can help you dispose of excess space that is costing you money.

Sometimes it makes more sense to lease than to own . . . even if you already own. We will make it happen.


A Sale-Leaseback is a non-disruptive financial tool whereby you can literally “sell, and lease back” a building to a professional landlord. Some benefits of Sale-Leaseback include:


  • Raising capital in an era of tight capital markets,
  • Not disrupting your day-to-day operations,
  • Legitimately removing real estate assets from the balance sheet,
  • Improving debt-to-equity ratios,
  • Improving operating flexibility to allow for easier expansion or contraction.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you monetize your real estate assets and redeploy capital to grow your business.

Why settle for mediocre when the best is available?


We have formed alliances with selected firms and professionals whose specialties complement our services and expand our ability to help our clients reduce their fixed cost structure.

Unlike many of the large commercial real estate firms who offer similar services as “in house” profit centers, we have the ability to provide superior services without hidden agendas that end up costing companies money. These services include:


  1. Project Management
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Facility Layout/Material Handling




dopacoAbout the Tenant: Food packaging manufacturer
Location: Kinston, North Carolina
Transaction Type: Lease Restructure
Facility Type: Manufacturing
Square Feet: 400,000
Outcome: 10 Year Lease Extension
Savings: 34%


Interstate Tenant restructured the lease prior to lease expiration, reducing the current rent by 34%, including approximately $1 million in free rent and building improvements. In addition, by coordinating a multi-state relocation search and leveraged negotiation, Interstate Tenant secured an additional $5 million in utility savings for Dopaco. The total dollar savings exceeded $11 million.

ingrammicro1About the Tenant: A leading technology distributor
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Transaction Type: Lease Restructure
Facility Type: Distribution
Square Feet: 700,000
Outcome: 10 Year Lease Extension
Savings: 44%


Interstate Tenant restructured the lease prior to lease expiration, reducing the current rent by 30% and negotiating for $3.4 million in state incentives, for a total savings package of $10.9 million.

belmonttc1About the Tenant: IT asset management, remarketing and recycling company
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL
Transaction Type: New Lease/Relocation
Facility Type: Warehouse & Distribution
Square Feet: 100,000
Outcome: 7 Year New Lease
Savings: 24%


Interstate Tenant negotiated a no-penalty release from an existing lease one year prior to lease expiration and a relocation to a larger, more modern facility at a lower rent, reduced the per sq ft rent by 30%, saving $1.6 million.

cc-red-logoAbout the Tenant: A leading manufacturer of blow-molded, rigid plastic packaging
Location: Harvard, Illinois
Transaction Type: Lease Restructure
Facility Type: Manufacturing
Square Feet: 126,000
Outcome: 10 Year Lease Extension
Savings: 34%


Interstate Tenant restructured the tenant lease prior to lease expiration, negotiating a 31% reduction in the existing rent. Interstate Tenant also negotiated an extension for the lease at a rate 34% below the renewal option rate for a total savings in excess of $2.75 million.

best-diamondAbout the Tenant: Manufacturer of paper napkins for the Quick Service Food Industry
Location: Kinston, North Carolina
Transaction Type: New Lease/ Relocation
Facility Type: Manufacturing
Square Feet: 210,000
Outcome: 10 Year Lease
Savings: 51%


Interstate Tenant coordinated a comprehensive market search, identified all viable relocation alternatives, and through competitive, leveraged negotiations was able to secure plant space at a per square foot rental rate more than 50% less than client’s previous gross rent, saving $1.1 million.

primesource1About the Tenant: Leading distributor of fasteners and building materials
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Transaction Type: New Lease/ Consolidation
Facility Type: Distribution
Square Feet: 205,000
Outcome: 10 Year Lease
Savings: 24%


As part of a consolidation of several mid-Atlantic locations, Interstate Tenant coordinated a comprehensive market search and through competitive, leveraged negotiations was able to secure modern distribution space for the client. In addition, Interstate Tenant negotiated the sale of a shuttered facility, reducing operating costs by a total of 24%.


“Our business is in a very competitive industry, so I will consider any opportunity to reduce costs and improve margins.  I have been involved in numerous lease negotiations over the years, and I know how tough landlords can be; therefore I was initially skeptical that Interstate Tenant could deliver the savings they described.  I have met many real estate professionals over the years, but Interstate Tenant are much different in that they truly represent you, the tenant, because their next engagement will come from making you happy and not from making the landlord happy.  This purity of purpose is no gimmick– these guys deliver the savings.”

Rick Scanlan, Vice President of Finance – Dopaco, Inc.



“Not only are the professionals at Interstate Tenant always available and responsive, but Interstate Tenant has helped me become much more proactive regarding real estate decisions, which I know has ultimately resulted in substantial cost savings for our company and eliminated many of my real headaches.”

Jerry Kegley, Sr Vice President & CFO – PrimeSource Building Products



“We are in a highly competitive business in which every penny counts. Our real estate costs are always one of our biggest fixed cost items… our business requires significant capital investment in our buildings, so moving is both expensive and disruptive… Interstate Tenant was able to build a strong case with our landlord regarding the value we bring to the building as a tenant. In addition, because Interstate Tenant does not represent landlords and only represents industrial tenants, I had the peace of mind and that Interstate Tenant was working solely on behalf of my best interests. Interstate Tenant helped us significantly reduce our fixed real estate costs, which, in turn, reduced our operating costs and provided a big boost to EBITDA. I would happily use Interstate Tenant again in light of the great job they performed for us.”

Ed Curtis, Vice President- Converting Operations – Rock Tenn Company     



“Every company has a handful of advisors that they can trust. Interstate Tenant has become our trusted advisor for all of our facility issues and their results have been instrumental in the growth of our company. What I really appreciate is that they never behave like other brokers I’ve worked with. They never told me what I wanted to hear just to get a deal done. And they have never been afraid to stand up for us and do whatever it takes to make sure we get the lowest possible rent and that our lease provides the flexibility that we need to grow our business. Anyone who has been involved in leasing industrial space knows that there’s a huge amount of uncertainty and hesitation because you never know what information you can trust and who, if anyone, is really looking out for you. Thanks to Interstate Tenant, we don’t have those concerns any more.”

Eric Dorn, General Manager – Belmont Technology Remarketing



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